I can't remember a time when I wasn't wrapped up in my imagination. Still to this day my mind's eye drives my work. I intend to engage with the viewer through their imagination. My early works are full of symbolism that, too a degree, are fairly dogmatic. In my newer works I have stretched the meaning of certain esoteric symbols to formulate narratives that can be self discovered. I feel that most philosophical and religious imagery looks outdated. I intend to take the lessons I've learned from my philosophical endeavors and reinterpret them with current aesthetics. I encourage people to get lost in my images and to imagine their own narratives or adventures that are stimulated from these works..

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F SperandeoSilvery_Unconscious

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F Sperandeo The_flesh_of_it_all

What are the most meaningful topics you try to represent in your work?

My works tend to address topics of self transformation. We as a population have always been heavily influenced by information distributed via any media vehicle. This is a form of communication that we as humans rely on in order to formulate an understanding of our place on this earth. I really push my work so that it is a positive voice in the barrage of imagery and information in this internet age. This hopefully will help people along their unique individual path. My work, in most cases, is ultra subjective. Even though I have assigned meaning to them, I encourage people to venture into the piece and discover their own narrative. Stories, for me, have always contained lessons and I wish to pass along this sentiment.


IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F Sperandeo Super Ego 9000

Who are the artists who encouraged you to create and why?

There are definitely a few people in my life that have encouraged me to keep making art; mostly family. I'm very lucky in that regard. There are also some artists who have inspired me to experiment and explore new topics.
Ashley Frazier is a talented conceptual artist. Ashley has really driven me to dive critically into every piece. This has made a huge impact on how I formulate ideas. Ashley's mentoring has diversified my workflow and enhanced my general understanding of what makes an impressive work of art, both compositionally and conceptually.

I go through stages during the creation process. One of these stages is what I like to call the “absorption stage.” This is when I binge read and look at photos while listening to music. Most recently I have been diving into a book called Quantum Enigma by Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner. This book has inspired a future series centered around the ephemeral nature of superpositions. When I'm reading this book I love to be listening to Drum and Bass. Methlab Recordings and Eatbrain Recordings are always playing in my head phones. There is something about the sound design in DnB that I see subconsciously coming out in my work. As far as a visual artist is concerned, Kris Kuksi is one of my favorites. His work blows my mind. It's detailed and loaded with narrative. I aspire to reach that level some day.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F SperandeoDisolution

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F Sperandeo Hart_of_Artemis

How did you find your own style to create your digital work?

My style has been informed by my exposure to the loaded imagery contained within philosophical and religious iconography. This has manifested over time as a response to outdated and sometimes unrelatable symbolism from older texts. I feel that my style has developed as a translator for the newer generation, using samples to remix old knowledge.


IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F SperandeoSight blackest_cube

What are your future projects in digital art and how do you think they will evolve?.

I am really curious about the intersection of the digital and the real. Lately I have been prototyping with A.R. I really enjoy the ability to blend this border. I have always been fascinated by live action compositing. With A.R. this compositing becomes real time. I truly feel that with the expansion and progression of hardware components, A.R. will become common place. I look to explore this medium with greater depths in the future. It has already made an impact on those who I have shown my prototypes. It's wonderful seeing their reaction to the new technology. I feel this poses a wonderful opportunity to insert powerful narratives to bring the viewer close to the subject matter. In a nutshell, I can't wait.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F Sperandeomovement_from_extremes

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F SperandeoNoForm_onlyTemporary

There are always new technologies. How do you learn to use them?

This is fun question. I always tell my friends and family that I am a professional noob. The reason for this being the fact that there will always be a piece of software that is brand new to the user. The trick is finding comfort with knowing nothing. At first it's really intimidating but if you get past the fact that the interface has absolutely unfamiliar buttons and dials… it's just another interface.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F Sperandeo Chamber Seperation

Some people think that digital artwork lacks essence because of the use of technological means to create, what could you tell them?

This is due to the fact that there is not a strong enough precedence in the art scene for digital works. At this moment, in our contemporary era, I can see how one could view digital art this way, but that opinions will only be present in the general public for a brief moment in time.

A chisel and a hammer don't do anything without a mind that controls a pair of hands that use those tools to create a work of art. Until A.I. goes to art school I'm pretty sure a keyboard, a mouse and a computer don't do anything without a mind that controls a pair of hands that use those tools to create a work of art..

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Michael F Sperandeo the_light_within

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